Re: Virus Warnings with AC Version 6.7

Ken Bell

I'm only running the built-in Windows protection that comes with W-10. No additional  protection software at all.   

I've just downloaded the update and I was warned by W-10 that the software could be malicious.  I was offered the option to keep the download, to report it as safe,  or to delete it.  I first reported it as safe, where I had the option to click that the Website was safe or that I was the author of the software.  I clicked that the website was safe.  I had to click again on 'keep' to get the software download to continue. 

Upon attempted install, I was again warned twice that the software could be malicious and had to click to get get the install to continue.  This is not terribly unusual in that 2 of the software packages that I have recently installed that I'm reasonably sure come from a safe website throw these warnings, while most other websites with downloads do not. One of these was Scott's AL QSO party. 

From 10,000', it looks safe.  But, if I were charging for software packages,  instead of 'it works on my PC so there is no problem', I would want to look into why Microsoft has decided to throw these warnings about my website and software install to avoid scaring away potential customers.  But, that's with my dusty IT Security Professional hat on.   
Ken - K4EES

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