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Pat Whelton

Hi Joe.  I’ve handled the password situation in two different ways.  Since I’ve changed computers 2 or 3 times since I’ve started using ACLog I have a hard copy printed of the original email Kimberly sent when I purchased the suite.  After misplacing that email a couple of times I figured I’m going to fix this problem once and for all.  I took the original email and scanned it into a PDF file and it resides in my documents folder with the name “N3FJP-Passwords”.  This file gets backed up every weekend using SyncToy.


Typically the only time I need to refer to this document is when I decide to play in a contest I’ve never entered before.  Other than that the various loggers in the suite are pretty good about remembering their various passwords.


Good luck.




Pat – KZ5J



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does anyone  have a best practice for the passwords 
Every time I load a contest I have to hunt for the email with passwords.   No way to go to a universal password is there ?   


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