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Mel Marcus

I used to have the same problem. I have a folder in my email for N3FJP so what i did was make a subfolder that I call KEYS. I put Scott and Kims email with the keys/passwords in that subfolder. also in that folder are direct correspondence I might have with Scott and Kim


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Hi Joe,

Thanks for your e-mail.  You only need to enter the passwords once.  The only time you should have to reference the password list after that is when to move to a new PC, so keep them around for that eventuality, but otherwise, you should not regularly need to refer to the list.

If you ever do lose your password list, you can e-mail us direct and Kimberly will send you another list.


73, Scott

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A long time ago I printed my N3FJP password list out and placed it in a folder in my file cabinet. I also took a picture of that page with my iPhone and saved that to a secure folder in the phone and on my station computer - and backed it up to a thumb drive. 

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does anyone  have a best practice for the passwords 
Every time I load a contest I have to hunt for the email with passwords.   No way to go to a universal password is there ?   


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