Re: Passing ACL database from a shortcut

Lawrence Dobranski


If I may.

Having a configuration selected by name from the command line might be another option.   This would allow you to start with the ACL database and then over time add other parameters.

I am running multiple rigs and configurations — to select each configuration in ACL requires a lot of mouse clicks and data entry.

Currently I am using two separate machines.  I am considering multiple virtual machines to accomplish this — each with there own instance of ACL in a different configuration.

Thanks for the consideration.

73 de VA3IQ


On Sun, Aug 16, 2020 at 3:20 PM Louis Ricci <wc2w@...> wrote:
Hi Scott,

For those of us with multiple QTH's and/or multiple hams in the same household, this feature would be wonderful.  To make it easier for the casual user,  if the database file name is not specified maybe it would be possible to default to what you have now (LodData.mdb)?

Thanks for giving this some consideration.


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