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Jim Shorney

Maybe this in the meantime?



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I get it. That’s exactly what I do now if just replying to one station. But when I have 10’s or 100’s of QSL queries to answer and highlight all those calls and hit “print labels” it would be nice to also have that feature for those stations I have had multiple contacts with print on one label. As it stands now, if I have a pile of cards to answer, I literally have to do them one at a time, which is ok but labor and time consuming.


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Hi Geoff,

Thanks for sending along your thoughts and suggestions. I will give that some thought for the future.

Thanks for your kind words on the software!


73, Scott

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long time user of your various logs - still most happy with looking at the screen and seeing what closely resembles the old paper log sheets of bygone days,
as well as all the great features.
Have recently been using the label printing feature for QSO info when sending paper QSL cards. If I select one specific callsign I have the option of printing multiple Q’s with that station on just one label.

However, If I pick multiple stations to print their Q’s, I do not have the option of printing multiple Q’s of one station on one label. It only prints multiple labels for that one station.
Would it be possible for you to include the “print all “Q’s on one label” feature if I load multiple stations as well as just one station?

73/Geoff Morse K7GA

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