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Pat Whelton

Hi Geoff.  When I have multiple QSOs with the same station and want to send them one QSL with multiple QSOs here’s the procedure I use:


  1. Enter call (i.e.:  LZ1QN)
  2. Hit TAB
  3. If you had multiple QSOs with LZ1QN hi-lite the first QSO you want to send a QSL to then hold down the SHIFT key and hi-lite all he other QSOs you want to QSL.
  4. Load labels into printer.
  5. Hit Print QSL
  6. Select label (i.e.: Row 6 Column 2).
  7. Hit Print.


In my example I had worked LZ1QN four times but I only wanted 3 QSLs.  My label came out looking like this:


Confirming QSOs with LZ1QN

8/6/2020     22:03   20   CW   579

2/21/2016   14:53   15   CW   599

11/29/2015  14:31  15   CW   599

Tnx QSO.  73, Pat – KZ5J


Hope this helps.   Your mileage will probably vary but it seems to work for me.  Also you can get more QSOs on the label by decreasing the font size.


Good luck.




Pat – KZ5J


From: <> On Behalf Of K7GA
Sent: Sunday, August 16, 2020 2:09 PM
Subject: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] QSL printing


long time user of your various  logs - still most happy with looking at the screen and seeing what closely resembles the old paper log sheets of bygone days,
as well as all the great features.  

Have recently been using the label printing feature for QSO info when sending paper QSL cards. If I select one specific callsign I have the option of printing multiple Q’s with that station on just one label. 

However, If I pick multiple stations to print their Q’s, I do not have the option of printing multiple Q’s of one station on one label. It only prints multiple labels for that one station. 

Would it be possible for you to include  the “print all “Q’s on one label” feature if I load multiple stations as well as just one station?

73/Geoff Morse K7GA

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