Re: Fw: Adding old QSO data to existing AC Log

Mitch NW0M


To save some time when entering old QSOs, you can click on the ACLog Settings heading and then click Date Options.  From there at the bottom select Last Entry Date.  So all old QSOs made on the same date you will not have to re-enter the date.  Plus it is easier to change the old previous date than to always change from the Current Date every time. 

Be sure to set the default back to Current Date when finished.

Also, when I did this for my old paper logs, I did it in two passes.  The first pass I just wanted to get them into ACLog as quickly as possible so I did NOT enter the Frequency, RSTs, Time OFF, and QSL Info.  The second pass, when I made the time, I went back and updated those fields.  Just a thought...

73, Mitch 

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