Re: IARU, Multi-op, band change rule and timer suggestion

Lawrence (VA3IQ)


There is a similar requirement in the RAC Canada Day and Winter Contests for the Multi-Single Category:

4) * In the Multi-Single category only one transmitter and one band are permitted during the same time period (defined as 10 minutes). Exception: One, and only one, other band may be used during any
10-minute period, if and only if the station worked is a new multiplier. In other words the Multi-Single Transmitter class allows a second station to “hunt” and work multipliers only on a single separate band during any 10-minute period.

This rule is applied to SO2R operations.  In addition, verification that a potential station is a new multiplier would have to be checked.

Thanks for considering it as a feature request.




On Tue, Jul 14, 2020 at 8:00 PM John Huber <n8fyl@...> wrote:

I understand the ethical reasons why you decided to not send in your log.  Have you thought about submitting it as a checklog? After all, if you submitted it as is with the band change violation, rule
4.3.4. Violation of the band change rules will reclassify the entry as checklog.
would turn your log into a checklog anyway!

Submitting as a checklog helps the contest organizers with the log checking process, and lets all the stations you did contact to have their contacts confirmed.  I have seen posts on the where some operators for one reason or another chose to operate a whole contest in a manner that they know does not fit the rules.  They submit their logs as a checklog to make sure the other guys can get the credit they deserve for making the qsos. 

73,  John / N8FYL

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