IARU, Multi-op, band change rule and timer suggestion

Bruce Richardson

This past weekend, my wife and I dabbled in the IARU contest as a Multi-op using her callsign.  We inadvertently violated the band-change rule and once we realized it, we gave up and won't send in our log.  We learned a good lesson.

The rule is:
4.3.1. Must remain on a band and mode for at least 10 minutes before changing bands or modes. There are no exceptions. The “10 minute clock” starts when a QSO is logged.

We had cleaned out 15M, then we went to 20M, then we went to 40M to see if there was any action there and we found W1AW/4 and worked 'em.  Oooops!  Not enough time had gone by.  If N3FJP IARU software somehow knew that we were a Multi-op, a Red flag timer that would appear for 10 minutes after the first QSO in a new band or mode would be a GREAT assistance to help avoid violating this rule.  I'll go look at the menus again, but I don't recall a menu option to turn anything "on" like this.

Turns out this only applies to Multi-ops, so I understand why it's a low-priority coding project.  But a red warning flag that appears for 10 minutes and then disappears would be a great aid for situational awareness.  Have you coded anything similar for other contests?

Bruce Richardson W9FZ

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