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Christopher Scibelli

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I saw a number of stations in the recent IARU contest handing out different zones than the default which showed in Scott’s program.  I always, whether needed or not, download Jim’s latest update to be sure prior to each contest.

My logic was just log as told on the air.  It could always be a “troll” check log from the sponsors, looking for assisted stations and submitting in another category (i.e. non-assisted). The one’s I noticed most were in US zone 5 along with a couple of EU.  I also noticed an HQ station giving a zone rather than the HQ acronym.  I hope these are not singled out and docked in the log check and scoring.

Dale K8TS


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His city as listed is in Asia it is east of the dividing line of Europe/Asia. The reason it shows up as European Russia is the 'G' after the '9". The Russian Federation says a 'G' is in European Russia. BUT his address is Clearly located in Asia. My question is why would a ham put a false address. Especially when hams would send him QSL cards with US dollars enclosed for a return card. 
I don't think the 'G' after his number is a line in the sand, in other words he could be in Asia not European Russia as his address seems to indicate. It's a tough call determining where every ham lives. But I would think the QRZ address would be correct given the 'US Dollars' they would get with QSLing.

I thought by posting, someone may have worked him before and could share any info.


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