Re: IARU HQ station Points


Tim, looking at the rules, looks like 1 point is correct for HQ stations.

7.1. Contacts within your own ITU zone, as well as QSOs with any IARU-member society HQ station or IARU official (counting as the special multiplier), count one point each.


On 7/12/2020 12:04 PM, Tim Thorson wrote:

I finished this weekend's ARRL IARU contest with a handful of "HQ" stations near the end. Later I noticed that the points for the "HQ" stations contacted only reflect 1 point (in most cases) as if it was mistakenly considered a non DX contact.


It seems that the log entries that have correct points (example Rec 57 above) were the ones where I actually entered/saved the contact first with the default ITU number (by mistake). Then, I corrected the entry with the initials that the HQ station gave (Rec 57 ITUz corrected to "EDR" after it was saved as ITUz 18).  Else, I entered most HQ stations with the initials given for ITUz (which then incorrectly assigned only one point)...

Question: Bug? Feature? and Do I just submit, knowing my Score Statistics are incorrect, but it will be calculated correctly apon UL/processing by ARRL...(?)

Should my work-around be to enter/save with default ITUz and go back (in real time) correct all these?  - If my understanding is off on this, enlighten please.

Thank you Scott and all for the software!

I'm fairly new to this particular contest, it was a surprise to be able to contact more HQ stations (than last year) w/o crazy pileup...

PS - 5 days left to submit logs...

73, Tim  KD6HOF

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