Re: Rig Frequency adjust for transverter

Mike Olbrisch

For those running a transverter…..   at least my radio (FTdx5000MP) has settings to allow the display to read correctly when using a transverter.  Perhaps your radio also?


If not, and you are running one freq…..   type <CTRL>-<SHIFT>-<R> to stop rig polling.  Then on your first transverter contact, type in the proper frequency, and just let AC-Log fill it in the same after every contact.  If you are hopping around from contact to contact, that won’t help much.


Yeah – I know.  You want AUTOMATIC!  But until that day comes, you make it work some other way.  Of you switch programs.


Hope this is helpful in some small way.


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Subject: Re: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] Rig Frequency adjust for transverter


Hi Scott
I could use that feature too.
I am just setting up a transverter for 4m which will mean manually adjusting the log for those contacts.
Thanks again for great software and service.
73 Dave G1BTV 

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