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Tom Job

Hi Scott…


I was using v6.3of your FD logger, v2.2.2 of WSJT-x and v2.16.8 of JTAlert.  Also, the computer is a laptop with Windows 8.1 (updated). 


I will send you the adif file from your software so you can peruse it.  I’ll send it by a separate email, though, to the email on your website. J 


But looking at the adi file in your FD logger, it shows mode as MFSK and submode FT4.  But when I uploaded to HRD v5, it only captured the mode.  I am guessing that came from WSJT-X.  I’ll send you that adi log, too, so that you can compare. 


I couldn’t find anything from JTAlert going to your software. 


73….Tom VE3II


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Hi Tom,


Thanks for your follow up and report.  Which version of my Field Day software did you use?  In my Field Day software, what is the actual mode in the mode field that JTAlert inserted?

73, Scott



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Just a quick update...I followed you instructions, Scott and that's all sorted now.  Thanks!

One thing I did notice when I uploaded the FD adif file to HRD v5, was that FT4 contacts were logged as MFSK16 in your software,  FT8 was showing as FT8 and I couldn't figure it out .  Finally, I looked at the log.adi file in WSJT-X and found that for the same logged time/date for the MFSK16 contacts, the freq was in the FT4 band, according to WSJT-X.  Fortunately it only effected about 40 contacts!  Not releshing a manual update x40, I did a Bulk Edit in HRD, highlighted only to the affected contacts and made them FT4.  All done and dusted in about 2 minutes.

Not a huge issue for me, once I understood what happened and the quick fix.  I'm guessing that your software gets the MFSK16 from WSJT-X, as it's log files also showed MFSK16 for the mode, instead of FT4. I'll post on their group, too but thought you might want to know in case others blame your software :)

73....Tom VE3II

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