Re: Count Difference

Tom Job

Just a quick update...I followed you instructions, Scott and that's all sorted now.  Thanks!

One thing I did notice when I uploaded the FD adif file to HRD v5, was that FT4 contacts were logged as MFSK16 in your software,  FT8 was showing as FT8 and I couldn't figure it out .  Finally, I looked at the log.adi file in WSJT-X and found that for the same logged time/date for the MFSK16 contacts, the freq was in the FT4 band, according to WSJT-X.  Fortunately it only effected about 40 contacts!  Not releshing a manual update x40, I did a Bulk Edit in HRD, highlighted only to the affected contacts and made them FT4.  All done and dusted in about 2 minutes.

Not a huge issue for me, once I understood what happened and the quick fix.  I'm guessing that your software gets the MFSK16 from WSJT-X, as it's log files also showed MFSK16 for the mode, instead of FT4. I'll post on their group, too but thought you might want to know in case others blame your software :)

73....Tom VE3II

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