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Tom Job

Hi all…


Thanks Scott, I will check the dupes.  But, Kimberly was nagging at me all weekend…”Duplicate”…so I don’t know how one snuck in J. Only kidding, she saved me a few times.  Aside from that, everything went smoothly with no errors or bugs.  Good job




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……just to report, the FD log worked 100%.......great job Scott





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Hi Tom,


Thanks for your e-mail.  You may have deleted a QSO record and not reset your counter (which is fine).  To sync the two (optional), click File > Reset Counter and enter the highest record number in your log.




73, Scott



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Have you removed Duplicates (File>Remove Duplicates)?


Greg Foster




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Subject: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] Count Difference


Hi Scott...

I noticed that when I shut down FD this year, the count was different.  I have attached a screen shot for you.  Can you 'plain? :)

The log(left side) shows 286 contacts but the counter (right) shows 285.  ??

Thanks....Tom VE3II

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