Need Clarification

Tom Job

Hi Scott and all...

I'm primed and ready for FD 2020.  I am planning to use FT8 with WSJT-X, JTAlert and N3FJP FD Logger. It's all setup, tested and ready to roll.  I used the same setup (except for the log) fr the June VHF Contest and it was flawless!  Thanks Scott for the ease of operation.

With the rule changes for 2020, I expecting the bands on FT8 are going to be jammed from wall-to-wall!!  I was thinking of switching between FT4 and FT8 when things get too crazy on one or the other, So, I did a small test to make sure this is possible, to avoid surprises during the contest!  I hate those :)

  • I manually logged VE3ABC 1D/ONS on WSJT-X using FT8/20m as a test call and it logged in N3FJP as expected.
  • Then I switched WSJT-X to FT4, same band and tried to VE3ABC but the logger reported it as a dupe!?
I reread the rules for FD and it says you can work any station once per band/per mode.  So, are FT8 and FT4 considerred as the same mode (digital) for FD?  If so, that kinda adds a wrinkle to my plan.  Or am I missing a step?

Thanks for any you all in the pile-up!!


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