Re: How to only view DX stations?

Mike Olbrisch

Good morning Andrew.


After sleeping on it last night, the only other solution I could think of is this. 



With ALL records selected on the button (not last 50), then click on the COUNTRY COLUMN in the main form, and scroll through it.  They will be in alphabetical order, either ascending or descending order, click on the COUNTRY COLUMN to reverse the order.


After doing this, you can scroll through it and see what countries are there.  Depending on your personal set-up, confirmed and unconfirmed will be in whatever colors you picked.


I have about 10,000 QSOs in this log, and I’d say about 90% of it was USA.  There were only 6 countries below USA, Venezuela, Vietnam, Wales, Western Sahara, Willis IS and Zambia.


Then you are done, click on the REC# COLUMN to reset it back to normal.



I hope this helps you.  I cannot think of anything else.  Perhaps Scott will jump in with more knowledge than I possess.


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Wishing you the best of luck, home my suggestion is helpful.  Gotta run.


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In the full log I would like it to only show my QSOs with DX stations. I can get it to show all of one country at a time, but I can't seem to use (NOT) USA.



Andrew K8AKC



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