Port Problems with JT Alert and Field day logger

Larry Krist - N8CWU

I have a computer that will not seem to work with JT Alert and the N3FJP ARRL Field Day Logger. It gives me the error from N3FJP Field Day Logger 6.3 that says This program's server is already running on port 1100, please click settings.API to select another port for the client to use bla bla bla.. IF I click ok on the error message, it logs into the N3FJP logger, but I get a message from JT Alert saying it cannot be verified it was logged. I have several computers all setup and networked together using tcp[that work fine and all are exactly the same setup. This is the only one giving me problems.  I have tried disabling the virus software to no avail. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Larry  N8CWU

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