Re: ACLog wants to Upload Old Log Entries


Thank you, Scott. I have done as suggested and all of my entries where VE3QN is shown as Operator now show "L" in the "S Conf By" column. There are, however, a few hundred entries under my previous callsign VE3RBE (at this location) and for these the "S Conf By" column is blank. When I attempt to upload to LoTW using the "All Contacts Not Uploaded" option I get a notice highlighting the VE3RBE entries. (See attached screenshot). I'm not sure what to do here. All the VE3RBE log entries were uploaded to LoTW several years ago and I subsequently let the callsign certificate for VE3RBE lapse. Now I am not sure what will happen if I select either of the options offered. I'm not sure I want to reload all the VE3RBE options and it's possible they won't be accepted since the callsign certificate is no longer valid. I don't want them uploaded as entries from VE3QN. What I do want is for them to be treated as having been uploaded such that when I click on the "All Contacts ..." button N3FJP only offers my new contacts. I'd be grateful for your advice. Thanks in advance. Bryan  VE3QN

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