Re: Rig Control Failure FD Mode with WSJT-X, N3FJP and JTAlert

Michael WA7SKG

Thanks, Scott. Here's where I run into additional confusion. Most of the time, I will be running phone. I will occasionally fire up WSJT-X and do some FT8 and I may also use fldigi for PSK31. Normally, I do not have the digital apps running when I am not using them.

I can start and stop fldigi without issue. It is only WSJT-X I have problems with.

Michael WA7SKG

Scott Davis via wrote on 6/21/20 4:58 PM:

Hi Michael,
Thanks for your e-mail.  If you are using rig interface from my software, to only have N3FJP Software respond to mode updates sent from the connected program, click Settings > Rig Interface. Under the Mode By options, select Don't Use. Also, check the check box that says "Don't send mode change with frequency".
If you will have WSJT connected for rig interface, from the rig list in N3FJP, select None.
73, Scott
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Subject: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] Rig Control Failure FD Mode with WSJT-X, N3FJP and JTAlert
Getting ready for Field Day. I have the latest versions of WSJT-X
(2.2.1), JTAlert (2.16.8), and N3FJP Field Day Log (6.3).
My understanding is to start N3FJP > WSJT-X > JTAlert in that order. I
have followed the various tutorials and instructions for setting these
up. When I start WSJT-X, I get a "Rig Control Error" box asking to set
up the rig parameters (IC-7300). These are all correct. Running WSJT-X
by itself is no problem. Only when N3FJP is running do I have an issue.
I am obviously missing something. Any suggestions as to what?
Michael WA7SKG
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