Re: ACL now locks up after logging a few contacts

Scott Davis

Hi Guys,

At worse case, on a REALLY slow machine over a network, it should not take more than 100 milliseconds to complete the logging sequence.  Saving to a local drive will be much faster than that.

Something is interfering with the software's access to your hard drive.

73, Scott

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Subject: Re: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] ACL now locks up after logging a few contacts

I don't think it's your PC.  You have a rocket ship compared to my horse and wagon and I didn't make any changes to my anti-virus program (TotalAV) so I doubt it's that, either.  I'd also get the message that the previous QSO wasn't logged.  I'd log it manually before rebooting.  I wish I had a definitive answer but that problem just went away and I didn't make any changes at all.  We do have rapid QSOs in common.  What if you just do a fresh reboot and log one fictitious QSO and then stop for 5 minutes?  See if the next entry logs without that message.  When this happened to me I had a huge pileup and I was having trouble keeping up with all the stations calling.  Since I had the issue about a week or two ago I've probably made over 1,000 QSOs w/o the message so it's not as if I just made a couple of entries. Yesterday I downloaded the new versions of WSJT-X and JT ALert and all is still OK. 

Good luck!

Chris  NU1O

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Thank y'all for your replies.  I failed to mention that I get a box telling me that ACL had not properly logged the previous contact  and that I have a contact that has not been logged yet.when I try to shut down the program.  Only using Microsoft Defender and Malwarebytes. I reboot computer each night. Yes, it does happen after logging several contacts rapidly.  My internet speed is a  tested 240/MBS and processor is a Ryzen 5 3600X with 16 GB of 3600 RAM so I do not think my computer is to slow.  Connected with CAT6 cable from modem to computer.  73, Ray AA4EZ

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