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Tom Hauer K0YA

I am using automated keying for the contest, it is set up in settings under CW settings.  I am using a WinKeyer interface to my rig and the # as instructed for the serial number in the keying sequence ( ie. TU 5NN #  in the F3 position).  It is sending one number higher than it is actually logging in #S.  If I try to correct the log it still sends one number higher than it logs no matter what I do. 

The number shown at the bottom of the screen, for the next contact is the number it sends but the log enters one number less - no matter what I do!!

Oh, I am using TAB and ENTER to execute F2 and F3 - so if I do a search and pounce I enter the call, hit TAB (sends F2, my call) Tab again over to #R, enter the number I receive and hit ENTER to log the call and send the contents of F3.

Any ideas?  All my #S in the log appear one lower than actually sent!!

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