Re: Telnet spots from Gridtracker to AClog telnet

Scott Davis

Hi Mark,

I hope that this helps.  Where t is the new spot:

 VariablesDXSpotRecord dx = new VariablesDXSpotRecord();

 dx.dxCall = t.Substring(26, 13).ToUpper().Trim();
 dx.dxComments = t.Substring(39, 31).Trim();
 dx.dxDateTime2 = t.Substring(70, 5).Trim();

double qf = 0;
qf = StringFunctions.TryParseStringToDouble(t.Substring(FreqStart, 25 - FreqStart).Trim());
dx.dxFrequency = (qf / 1000).ToString("N4");
dx.dxFrom = t.Substring(6, FreqStart - 6).Trim();

73, Scott

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Subject: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] Telnet spots from Gridtracker to AClog telnet

I have successfully created a PERL program that takes the spots showing up in the Gridtracker Callable Roaster and have them sent to AClog via the DX Spotting telnet. But I am only able to receive the first spot. Could some one please tell me (or show me a link) on just what the telnet text structure should be? i.e, length of the message should be for sending, row number for each field (call, qth, band. etc) and what is the end of message character supposed be. (i.e. a carriage return, or some special character)? 

Thank you 73

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