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Joseph Miller

Hi everyone,

I hope I am not straying from the subject matter here, but I just went and looked at my Russian QSL cards, and I found: R3M-79, UA3-155-75 and R3E-229 in my collection. All three are SWLs who send reception reports to hams and requesting QSL cards. Since R6H-212 so closely matches the format of the third call sign above, I believe the gentleman is probably a Shortwave Listener. The U.S. does not have this requirement, but some countries require prospective hams to received so many SQL verifications before they get their ham radio license. At least this has been my experience.

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Exactly.  All of my licensed friends in Europe and in Germany, and in particular my in-laws, each had to make their own account in QRZ.  This is why you will find my brother-in-law and nephew DG7NFV and DO5AL with some detail on QRZ, my sister-in-law DL1NLG with a minimal presence (she doesn’t care that much), my good friend Karsten with a very detailed contesting presence as DD1JN and the Bavarian contest Club, and my friend Klaus with no QRZ presence at all.  He is not active on HF, so he didn’t bother with QRZ.

Just because a call sign is not listed in QRZ does not automatically make it an invalid call.  PERIOD.   The amateur radio world does not revolve around QRZ and the USA.  Far from it in fact.

Perhaps the QSL card I posted will help track down info.  Or contacting any Russian friends, information might be more localized or not widely available.  If R6H-212 is an invalid call, the perpetrator has gone to a lot of effort about it.


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I have a foreign callsign also, I had to manually enter my call sign in the QRZ database.

Callsign from most foreign countries are not automatically updated in QRZ.

XS Max

On May 27, 2020, at 5:46 PM, Mike Olbrisch <mike-2020@...> wrote:

Just sayin, but expecting QRZ.COM to have accurate data on every foreign amateur station is pretty short-sighted. 

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