Using CW option

Mel Marcus

Here is my situation.

I plan on dong the CW WPX contest.
I will probably only work 40m
I have a K3 with the usb interface
I have all the parameters set correctly settings > transmit > cw > com 3 and dsr.
I will not be using  the rig interface because I am staying 40m cw and the exchange does not need to know about freq.
when I test using F9 nothing happens.
I go back to setting > rig interface > elecraft > com3 > 38400
I poll it works
I go back to setting >rig interface > none 
then I go back to the cw and it  works.
so it seems that there is not speed setting in the cw interface and you have to get rig interface to work first and then turn it off
remember I am only using one cable because I do not  need to use rig interface

Am I doing something wrong


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