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Lawton Eure

Yes.  Thank you.  Two ggod answers that I had not discovered.

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Hi Lawton,

In addition to the other great answers, you can type the country name in the country field and then tab from that field to list the previous contacts and see the status.


73, Scott

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Hey Lawton.  Here’s a trick Scott showed me several months ago and it might be the answer to your query.
  • Say you want to know how many times you’ve worked Kenya.
  • Type Kenya in the “Country” box
  • Move the mouse curser to the top border of the “Country” box and click.
  • This will give you all the bands you have worked Kenya on.  It will tell you if you worked Kenya on CW, Digital, or Phone.  Plus it will tell you if you have Kenya confirmed or unconfirmed.
This little trick is a real time saver if you have several spots and you’re not sure which one you need the most.  Very handy.
Pat – KZ5J
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Subject: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] Use "Find" to search by country
User for approximately 7+ years and like the program.  Others have seen it and working with them to switch.
I have set as a long-range goal to achieve 5 band DXCC.   I do  a lot of FT8.  I use the “Find” option to frequently check to see if I already have that country on a particular band.  Some countries are like the U.S.  in that they have multiple prefixes.  Is there a simple way to link the country list to the “Find” button so that we could search by country name in addition to callsign?
Thanks for the review

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