Re: Under eLogs/LOTW ALL DATA no longer works properly

Jim Shorney

The way I understand how this works from watching it all these years is that the "SINCE" queries for new *confirmations* that have come in since the selected date, independent of the actual the QSO date. If you look at your display of downloaded data you sill see a R Date that the confirmation was received by LoTW. I routinely see confirmations for Qs as far back as 1999 just doing a "SINCE". See attached photo of a run I just did; you will see an R Date of yesterday for two contacts made in 2000 and 2001. So there is no real need to use ALL DATA, you don't gain anything and it takes extra time. I do occasionally roll the "SINCE" date back a few months because I am a bit paranoid about missing one because the streams crossed. Still much quicker than using ALL. 16,000+ in my log.



On Fri, 15 May 2020 08:53:30 -0400
"Bob Stothfang" <> wrote:

Occasionally though I would use "All Data" to do a complete look back to
see if someone from way back decided to upload their log and every now
and then I would get a confirmation from the early days. I knew it would
take some time to process the whole log so I would start it and then do
something else and check back later. Maybe even something non-HAM related.

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