Re: Under eLogs/LOTW ALL DATA no longer works properly

Bob Stothfang


I'm too am curious...What changed to cause "All Data" to stop working? I suspect LoTW is the culprit.

I have never used "Confirmed Since".

I have been using your ACL for five years and up until a couple of months ago I have only used two buttons to check LoTW for confirmations. Early on I would just use "All Data" until my log size reached a point where it would take too long to process. That was about the size when your software started warning about the time involved (log size over 1000 QSOs) to use "All Data". I then switched to using "All Since" and would adjust the date accordingly to a date in the recent past, maybe a week or a couple of months time frame. This made the processing time tolerable.

Occasionally though I would use "All Data" to do a complete look back to see if someone from way back decided to upload their log and every now and then I would get a confirmation from the early days. I knew it would take some time to process the whole log so I would start it and then do something else and check back later. Maybe even something non-HAM related.

About a month or two ago I started one of these complete "look backs" and I noticed that it completed VERY QUICKLY, even before I got up from the  desk. I solved the problem by using "All Since" with the "since" date being day #1 for my log. It still takes the "walk away from the desk " time to process since I told it to do everything in the log, but it does work.

Thanks for your GREAT SOFTWARE PACKAGE and all the work you do to update and support it.
I recommend it highly to anyone in need of logging software.


Bob - W8RES


On 05/15/2020 07:51, Scott Davis via wrote:
Hi Dave,

You should routinely use All Since, not Confirmed Since, so that your sent but unconfirmed records are marked as well.  

I am going to reorder those buttons on the LoTW form in the next release.


73, Scott

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Soon after I started using ACLog I had an issue with Confirmed Since, Scott recommended trying ALL DATA. That fixed my issue so I continued using ALL DATA.
I now use Confirmed Since with no issues.
I was just wondering why ALL DATA stopped working, but Scott replied with the answer.


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