Proper way to log DX stations in New England QSO Party's in region program

Christopher Scibelli

Perhaps somebody who is in New England and participated in the NEQP can help me out.

In the NEQP for those of us in New England stations outside of the USA and Canada give their location as "DX", but the program doesn't accept DX as the location.  The program defaults to the actual country connected to the callsign.  For example, F6BEE is logged as France.  That ensures the multiplier count is accurate because each country counts as a multiplier. However, when I look at the Cabrillo file those DX contacts no longer have the individual country but "DX" as the QTH. F6BEE is not listed as France in the Cabrillo file but "DX".  All countries outside of the USA and Canada show as "DX" in the Cabrillo file.  My score is correct but I want to make sure the Cabrillo file is correct. 

I've been using N3FJP's program for the NEQP since 2012 or 2013 and I guess I just submitted the Cabrillo file without reviewing it. 

Any help would be appreciated.


Chris  NU1O

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