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You need to take the downloaded installer files and put them onto the flash drive, then use the flash drive to install the programs onto your laptop.


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I have two older computers, 1) my base station has a Desk computer that is on line and has current versions of N3FJP software. 2) My second computer is a laptop that cannot connect to the web. I want to use the laptop for portable ham operations.

Because the laptop cannot connect to the web, I cannot download new versions or versions from N3FJP that I do not already have, like the recent NEQSOP.

I tried backing up the folder “affirmatech”on my Desk computer to a thumb drive, and loading the folder onto the web deaf laptop.

Everything seemed to load as normal except there is no executable program in affirmatech, no NEQSOP.

Is this a security problem? Is this a folder problem? How can I load N3FJP software from my online Desk computer to my offline laptop?

Probably a cockpit problem on my side….

John Bescher, N4DXI

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