Transferring info from fldigi to ACL

Tom Ryan

Hi All.  I do a lot of digital using fldigi.  My primary log is ACL, installed on a Windows 10 machine.  I also do digital on another station with an XP machine.  I periodically transfer log files from fldigi on the XP machine to ACL on the W-10 machine for permanent record.  That all works just fine.  I work PSK, Rtty, Olivia, and others.  The info all transfers over to ACL perfectly, identifying the modes that were worked.  However, If instead of transferring the data by ADIF, I use the fldigi connected to ACL by API so it transfers data in real time, it never includes the digital mode as part of the data.  They all come across simply as "DIG" although fldigi is accurately recording the mode used.   ACL tracks WAS, DXCC, etc. per mode and "DIG" is not one of the modes selectable from the list.  When I transfer data from an N3FJP contest logger, such as 7QP, it also shows it all as "DIG".  In that case, that's expected since the original contest logging program records it all as Digital without regard to the mode.  I want to track my contacts by each digital mode but I don't want to be required to do it by ADIF when the API is so convenient.  any thoughts?  Thanks!
By the way, - - I think all N3FJP software is the best out there!! 
73 Tom  KD6TR

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