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Scott Davis

Thanks for the good report Bob.  My software copies the needed files from Program Files to the My Documents folder on program start.  For some reason, Windows or your Internet protection software blocked the copy of 7QPCounteies.txt.  Your remedy is fine, but I am wondering why this occurred.

What Internet protection software are you and Lance running?  I am guessing there is is false positive on that file (which is very strange, as it is only a text file).

In any case, enjoy the contest!

73, Scott

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Subject: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] No county list in 7QP program

I too am having trouble loading the county list. I load the 7QP software and then when I click on setting and fill it with WAGRN, my state and county, it comes back and tells me that it is not a valid county. I can click on the country list and it is populated but when I click on LIST it is not populated. I click on  download county files and it says an “exception occurred during a WebClient request”
In Documents in 7QP county Setting files There is not county’s there.
Not sure how to get them in there so the 7QP program can use them. The program works find just won’t let me confirm a county because there is nothing there to confirm the county.
Haven’t heard an answer to this one yet.
Well I just thought of something and found the fix. Well not sure but I have it working now.
I went to my OS( C ) and click on program files then n3fjp software-Affirmatech,7QP and then 7QPcounties. They are all there. So I copied the text document saved it and then went to MY documents and brought up the 7QP file and loaded my saved text file in with my county files in my documents and then when I brought up the N3FJP program again it came up with asking me to log in . Once I did that if came up and now it is working. I can enter WAGRN with a call and it works like it is suppose to.
Hope that helps someone else and you can understand how I did it.
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Subject: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] 7 QSO PARTY
From: canyonman42@...
Date: Fri, May 01, 2020 9:27 pm

i am having problems with the 7 QSO Party log. it will not allow me put my county in my setup. keeps saying enter valid county. can anyone help with this?

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