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Tom Ellis



On question #2 did you download the In region or out of region program. I just downloaded the in region and it allowed me to enter UTGAR as the 5 Char Abbr.

For question #1, do you have a splitter for the CAT cable and have you gone into the radio and set it to CAT on the port.






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I am having some problems with the software, I have checked out FAQ and other options so I need help.

1. I have the  LDG Y100 auto tuner and I can't get the interface cable to work my rig thru the software. 

2. On 7QSO contest the software won't allow me to set my county on setup. It keeps saying to put a valid county, ie, UTGAR.

Thanks Lance Jaggar KD7AKE 




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Hi John,


Thanks for your e-mail.  I'm sorry that you've run into trouble.  Installation on XP and Win 8 (all Windows for that matter) is identical.  Instructions are on the CD, but in short, just start Windows File Manager, navigate to the program on the CD you wish to install and then double click the setup file.




73, Scott



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Scott and all,


I  bought from your full disk a while ago - nearly 2 months.


I installed it on my XP machine.  Except for a bunch of operator problems works great.  Still getting used to it.


Try to install it on my Win 8.1 machine.  Load the CD which reads it but it never asks me to install it.  Nothing happens.


Went to the controls setting and set it to ask me each time is installed - nothing happens.


Turned on AUTOPLAY too but nothing happens.


Any ideas.  I am not a guru on this stuff by any means.


73 de N2MTG 



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