Re: Got Processor Working


Thanks a lot fellas.  That helps a lot.  We are of course hoping to be where we usually are for Field Day which will make things a lot easier.  This software of course was not designed for a "Shelter in Place" scenario where we have a minimum of two people running the same frequency.  One will end up using the Field Day Software and the Processor.  Then after the fact we'll add in #2's which he or she will have logged the old old fashioned way.  We'll add it in, find the dupes, and still end up with the totals at the end.  A little more work, but we won't be able to set up a LAN because in most cases, no one lives near anyone else!  But THANKS THANKS THANKS for the explanations.  That REALLY Helps.  Maybe after Field Day I can help put together a video tutorial on this subject.

Thanks one more time!  '73 Dave N9DMS

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