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Hi Dave,
I see that Scott responded to your message.  Perhaps I can add a couple of thoughts to what has been said.

As I see it, the purpose of the Club Score Processor is to provide a tool for building excitement and enthusiasm among club members.  One of the clubs to which I belong encourages its members to set up challenge goals at the start of each contest.  For example, I might give myself a goal of doing 10% better than my friend who lives across town.   

Each member of your club who has a station and a logging PC will activate and configure the Web Score Reporting component in the Settings area of the N3FJP Software for that contest.
One Administrative person will installs and configure the Club Score Reporting software at some central location where administrative type activities take place in your club.

In my case, I have one PC sitting in front of my rig that I use for contest logging.  I have a second PC sitting in my home-office where I maintain the club website.  This second PC is running a copy of the Club Score Reporter.

Please Note:  There are some processes and settings that may need to be coordinated between the individual contest logging PCs and the central Club Score Reporting PC.  For example, if you have a busy contest-oriented club that will be using this feature "every weekend" then you most likely will want to create ways of differentiating the files for "Contest A" from the files for "Contest B".  On the other hand, if you envision the Club Score Reporter as a once-a-year Field Day Reporting Tool then the coordination can be at a much lower level.

When everything is up and running your individual contest logging PCs are going to create an html file containing the number of contacts, number of points, contact rate for the past 20 minutes, contact rate for the past 60 minutes, and a few additional summary statistics.  From time to tome, a fresh version of this html file will be uploaded to the central location specified in that station's settings.

In parallel, the Club Score Reporting application will go out to the central location where it checks for files.  Each of the html files that are found in the callsign list will be read and processed to extract the score information.  When all the matching html files have been processed, the Club Score Reporting application will create one consolidated html file and FTP that file to the website location you specify in the Club Score Reporting configuration.

Your website guru may wish to create a webpage that links to the file that the Club Score Reporting app is going to upload.  Or, you can share the URL with your club members and they can type (or paste) that address into their browser whenever they have the urge to see how everyone is doing.

I want to clarify something that may not be well known.  All the contest logging takes place using the traditional N3FJP software that runs at each place your club is operating a contest station.  Any dupe checking that your club wishes to perform uses the contest log at that single location.  (If you have several stations set up at a given location, and if the logging PCs at that location are connected by LAN, then the logs from those PCs would be combined.)  

The Club Score Processor does not combine multiple individual station logs into a single big Club Totals log .  What the Club Score Processor does is to combine the numeric scores from individual stations to make a nice summarized report of "How Are We Doing?".    

I have the process set up and running as a demonstration for my club.  However, all the work takes place in a private Members Area.

Andrew Forsyth,   AF3I   
Cumberland Amateur Radio Club ---

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