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Scott Davis

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your follow up.  I think you are letting the web stuff make this seem more complicated than it is.  Forget about the web for a moment and think of it like this:

1.  Each station writes their own separate, uniquely named file of their individual totals.

2.  The processor reads each of their files and combines the totals into one file.

3.  The processor publishes the grand total file for all in your club to see.

That's it.

In our group, we have created a members folder on our web site where most everyone publishes their individual scores (some have their own hosting space they publish to, and that is fine too).  A small snippet looks like this:


When you add the links in the club score processor to the files you want it to process, those are the files you are giving it a path to.


And the result is the totals page:

That's all there is to it.  

Get one or two of your buddies to do an upload with a couple test records from the Field Day software from their respective homes, so you have some files to work with.  Then set the processor do its thing.  Once you see it, you will understand.


73, Scott

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Yes it was our ISP.   Used my own ISP which allows FTP and voila.   It works.  Now I need to understand how the software works.  We're planning on everyone doing field day from their own backyards.   So my question is, can all the different stations, some using CW, most using SSB, with folks spread out across the bands, all name their files the same thing and upload them to the same folder?  Does the software somehow add everything and compile everything?  Its intuitive to think that if everyone is naming their files w9dup.html that every upload would over-write previous uploaded file.  So you'd end up with one file at the end.  Which is counter-intuitive to me, but I don't know what the software is designed to actually do and can't find a good description of what its doing anywhere.  Intuition says I should have a 10 meter folder, a 20 meter folder, etc.  But I am now unsure if that is necessary, Sounds like one folder will do, and I'm hung on trying to figure out how maybe 20 people all using different bands and modes can name their uploads the same as the last upload and not erase it.  Or because I can't find the info anywhere, I don't understand how the software works.  Also, let's say we have two 20 meter tents...of course located miles from each other. The logging software won't tell those Two hams they have a dupe.  Will the software sort out the dupes on the same freq?  Seems like magic to me.  Any info about how the "Club Score Processor" works, and can help us even have a field day since we'll all probably be stuck at home, greatly appreciated.  Never seen it before, so no understanding of what its actually doing/how it works.  The good news it is operating fine finally and I've sent test messages via FTP to the designated folder.  Have to be sure to add a .html onto the end of the Filename.

Thanks,  Dave

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