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Scott Davis

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your e-mail.  I don't understand your folder question.  Each participant just uploads to wherever you / they like.  We have a single folder designated for that, but some guys upload to their own hosting space.  The Club Score Processor doesn't care.  As long as it has a valid link to each individual station's upload, it will grab the totals and combine them.

The file name on the web site is what you tell each club member to keep open in their browsers, to see how you are all doing individually and collectively.

Here is how our processor is set up (last used for CQ WPX):


Since we choose the File Name on Website to be totals.htm, the link we have everyone monitor is:

Which looks like this:


73, Scott

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Why does the Club Score Processor want to know "File Name on the Website?"  Wouldn't it want the folder/directory name so it knows where to put its files?  I'm missing something here regarding filenames and folder/direcrory necessity and names.  If folders/directories are necessary, do I need to somehow tell Club Score Processor what to NAME each file it uploads?

Thanks again, Dave N9DMS
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