LoTW weird behavior, different calls and station locations

Nickus de Vos

Hi all
Not sure if this belongs here.

I changed my call sign at the end of last year, so I have a call sign certificate for my old and new calls plus a station location for each in TQSL.

A week or so back I decided to do a LoTW upload and download in to ACL for my old ZR6JN call, since I haven't done so in months. I selected the QSO's in ACL and in the LoTW window I simply selected the station location for ZR6JN, then did the upload and download.

Today I wanted to do a LoTW upload for my current ZS6J call so I selected the ZS6J station location and tried to upload, but for some reason I got asked for my ZR6JN call sign certificate password.

I opened TQSL and saw my ZS6J station location was now placed under my old ZR6JN call sign. Weird but ok, I deleted both station locations and added one for ZS6J again.

When I tried the upload via ACL the new ZS6J station location was selected, but again it asked for my ZR6JN call sign certificate password even though I'm working with the ZS6J call and station location.

I entered the ZR6JN password and uploaded to see what will happen. I logged in to the LoTW website and it seams my latest QSO's was uploaded correctly, but why does it ask for my ZR6JN call sign certificate password?

Nickus - ZS6J

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