Partial Duplicate QSOs...

Dale Martin, KG5U


In September of last year, I purchased the ACL Log. I immediately loaded it with most of my N1MM ADIFs and ADIFs from textfiles from a logger program I wrote in VB5 years ago.  That amounted to 29k+ QSOs in the ACL—I have not and probably won’t load the 55k+ CWops CWT contest log entries).  Last night, I believe I have finally finished editing the ACL log to my satisfaction, removing duplicates, ‘cleaning up’ line items (inserting default RSTs, Frequencies, and such), writing vba macros to do the clean-ups, and finally getting the log looking ‘nice’.


This morning I went through the log and confirmed it does, indeed, to my way of believing how a log should look, look ‘nice’. At least, now when I look at the log, I no longer have a great compulsion to spend time ‘fixing’ the visible entries; meaning more on-the-air time.


Then, I went and downloaded the latest (since March) LOTW confirmations.


Fortunately, there were only about 40 or 50 of them. I picked one and entered it in the ACL Logsheet Call entry field to see what other QSOs I may have had with that station. What came up were two entries, one a partial duplicate of the other. I looked at my Excel version of the ACL log contents and the QSO was there with the QSL-S & R fields both a ‘N’.


In the ACL Log, that QSO entry is now blue and the QSL-S & R fields are both a ‘Y’. I’m okay with that. However, the second entry in the ACL log for the same QSO, is blue with both QSL-S & R fields both a ‘Y’.  But, it is showing empty Frequency, RST-S and -R’s, Off times, and Grid squares, telling me it was the confirmation just downloaded from LOTW. Why is the LOTW download function ADDING and entry and not just updating it?  


Also, another call in my ‘new’ log with the QSL-S/R  tags showing ‘Y’s and the LOTW QSL S/R tags are showing ‘Y’ also received a duplicate confirmation also. Why is that?


Is this duplication thing normal? Do I now have to go through my log every time I download an updated LOTW confirmation and manually remove the partial duplicate QSOs?


Is that listing of LOTW downloads that appears on the ACL LOTW page kept anywhere to access and view outside of ACL?


Did I do something wrong that I’m seeing and having to edit out these duplicates?



Dale, kg5u


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