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OK I see what I was doing wrong.

When I get here…. this has to be blank and I pick the button.   I go to the second list…put in values and exit that.

When I enter a call, I get 2 records for the price of one.

But if I move to the ORGIL line shared with ORSHE, and do a call for NT3KK again, I get a duplicate and can’t get them logged for ORSHE,

So the work around from what I can see is to  set to Allow Dupes and clean up with the remove duplicates later.

Am I on the right track?



Keep this box the change county.   But the exchange info in the CLML.



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Hi Brian,


Thanks for your e-mail.  Only use the + feature when you are working another station on a county line.  


You should click the Change County option and add the two counties you are activating simultaneously.  Only one entry is required for two QSO records to appear.



73, Scott



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Subject: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] Scoring for 7QP testing county line #contest

Trying to wrap my head around this county line thing.... I will be activating several county lines in Oregon.... two at a time. For Example Morrow & Giliam then moving to Gilliam and Sherman
I have been doing test logging, and attached is where I am at.... but I don't think things are scoring correctly...For example, I tried to the plus thing with the county names.

That seems to work, I then see that I can actually add a second contact but when "running" this seems cumbersome at best.
For Record 1 and 5..... I would have2 contacts for the first record, but because the second GIL would be a duplicate, only 1 there.
For record 6, I still am able to record 7&8  but those are actually duplicates or 6.
Sounds like if I go the ORSHE+GIL approach I would have to dump the log data in a spreed sheet short for dupes...
And reconcile that record #1 below is actually two contacts....copy the record and create one with ORSHE and one with ORGIL
And change time stamps, but that seems like a lot of work if I have to do it that way.
As a programmer by trade to me the simple solution would be to use the Plus feature and when the program saves creates two records.
For example #1 would be K2BA and set to ORSHE and #2 would be K2BA and set to ORGIL
When I move to ORSHE and work K2BA on that line, it would only create 1 record becaise it sees that K2BA was done for ORGIL already.

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