Scoring for 7QP testing county line #contest


Trying to wrap my head around this county line thing.... I will be activating several county lines in Oregon.... two at a time. For Example Morrow & Giliam then moving to Gilliam and Sherman
I have been doing test logging, and attached is where I am at.... but I don't think things are scoring correctly...For example, I tried to the plus thing with the county names.

That seems to work, I then see that I can actually add a second contact but when "running" this seems cumbersome at best.
For Record 1 and 5..... I would have2 contacts for the first record, but because the second GIL would be a duplicate, only 1 there.
For record 6, I still am able to record 7&8  but those are actually duplicates or 6.
Sounds like if I go the ORSHE+GIL approach I would have to dump the log data in a spreed sheet short for dupes...
And reconcile that record #1 below is actually two contacts....copy the record and create one with ORSHE and one with ORGIL
And change time stamps, but that seems like a lot of work if I have to do it that way.
As a programmer by trade to me the simple solution would be to use the Plus feature and when the program saves creates two records.
For example #1 would be K2BA and set to ORSHE and #2 would be K2BA and set to ORGIL
When I move to ORSHE and work K2BA on that line, it would only create 1 record becaise it sees that K2BA was done for ORGIL already.

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