Rate display, FQP in-state


During the last hour of tonight's session of the Fla QSO party, I decided to go to the low end (CW) and call CQ, and maybe work a few stations before going to bed.

After a few minutes it sounded like the receiving end of a rare DX pileup.... but it was me!

After the love was over, and it got close to 10 o'clock, I saw that the "time" column had multiple entries with the same time, 2, 3, or 4 with the same time stamp. I knew that it was going fast, but didn't realize it until I plotted the rate, at View/Graph...  At the far right end it was a jagged graph that quickly went to 120 -- that is, 120-per-hour. That was an amazing thing, and I'm not sure if I have done that before.

The only reason I'm putting this here is to say that the program performed flawlessly. I was never waiting for it to catch up, never wondering what to press, or anything. It just worked.

You really have to love that.

A happy N3FJP user for over 15 years......

73, look for me on the air,
Dave KZ1O

[just for reference, the software is running on a garden variety Win10 Dell all-in-one, to an IC-7100 and a Winkeyer USB. For SSB I'm using the built-in voice keyer of the 7100.)]

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