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I had to do a little experimenting before answering your question. First, you want to keep all logs in one place for uploading and downloading into LOTW. There is an "other" field next to "frequency" in the log entry box. You could use that field to denote "QRP". That way when hear a station, you can bring up all prior contacts, and see whether they are QRP or not.

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On Mon, Apr 20, 2020 at 7:41 AM Mark Erbaugh <mark.election@...> wrote:

I'm starting a new project (QRP) with my amateur radio contacts and I want these contacts to be separate from those already in my log. When I run statistics, I'd like to see only those contacts. Similarly, when I enter a callsign, I'd like to know if that country is already in the QRP only log. At first I thought that the easiest way to do that would be to create a new log file and that does what I want.

Yesterday, I ran into a minor problem with this approach. While talking to another station, he mentioned that we had worked before. Of course, the contact is not in my new log file, but probably in my old one. As far as the other station was concerned, it makes no difference whether I contacted him in my old log or my new project.

Is there a better way to keep track of different operating projects within a single log? Or is there a way that I can have read-only access to my old log while working with a new log file? I realize that I could filter my existing logs on power level, but there are QRP contacts in the old log that I don't want to count for the new project, and there are lots of entries where I failed to enter the power level anyways. Is there a way to have a field that it always populated one way when I run a copy of ACLog for my QRP endeavors and differently when I run a different copy?



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