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Mike Olbrisch

There it is!   You just changed monitors.


We’ve experienced that issue at work.  While rebooting and moving the monitors around between system operators shift changes, a power plug falls out and a monitor goes dead, and the programs don’t like it.  Often takes plugging the monitor back in and another reboot.


This is what I would try.  If you still have the older monitors, put them back on line, determine which is the primary monitor, and drag the programs to it.  Then put in the new monitors and move stuff around.  Of course, someone may have a better idea.


Good luck with that.


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Hi Scott, when you say desktop location are you referring to where on the monitor screen the application is positioned? One thing I can say is that I have a 2 monitor setup and just replaced both monitors prior to the error occurring.

Thanks and I love your programs!

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