Rig Control Issue with ICOM 7300


I want to use ACLog while working POTA. My COM10 is set at 115200, so I can use the N1MM Spectrum when contesting and it works well. I also use a program called VSPE and the virtual port is COM20 (not too important). I have the Baud Rate set with the "Other" at 115200. The Parity is None, Data bits 8 and Stop Bits 1. Connection power set to RTS like in N1MM. Mode determined by Rig and the Command to Read Frequencies is FE FE 94 E0 03 FD and the Command to Read Mode is FE FE 94 E0 04 FD. The rig keys and Polling Rig, however it does not read back the Frequency/Mode. If I click Frequency and send, it will QSY to that frequency. So I'm close, can someone give me some hint what I'm doing wrong?

73 Scott

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