Re: ACLog Software from N3FJP not interfacing with a Kenwood TS-890S

Rich Kuster

On Tue, Apr 14, 2020 at 02:03 PM, Rich Kuster wrote:
Object reference not set to am instance of an object
Dear Mike and anyone else reading or following this thread,

Thanks for your suggestions.  I have tried many things.

Yes, I've turned off/on the Kenwood ARCP-TS890 remote control software program and re-initializing AC-Log software many times over and over again.  Also uninstalled/reinstalled the ACLog software a couple times too.

First, the set up.
I've got the Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART bridge (virtual drivers?) active on COM3 & COM5.  The KW ARCP-890 remote control software is assigned to use COM5 and works just fine.
For COM4 Serial I have a StarTech FDTI USB to serial cable which I've used when programming HT's, mobile radios, etc.   It doesn't get used much but, as discussed below, I tried it as serial connection between the KW TS-890S to the ACLog software running on the PC.  PC is an HP ENVY running W10.

Next, the steps I've undertaken in tryingto get the ACLog software to interface with the KW TS-890S transceiver.

First step was to download the ACLog software and try to use the unused COM3 port via the Silicon Lab driver.  I tried all different combinations of baud rate, making sure the Data Bits was 8, Parity None, Stops bits 1, and flow control None.  Made sure choices in the ACLog Rig interface window aligned with the driver's port/properties/port settings.  But, when trying to set up the rig interface in the ACLog software, it kept coming back with errors like "device connected not functioning" and the super frustrating "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."  
So, then step 2 was to try COM4 Serial using the StarTech FDTI USB to serial cable.  After reading the initial responses to my post on saying they had ACLog working best by the serial port, I thought I'd give it a shot.  Again, nada.  Same error messages.
At one point I did get things to settle down where there were not constant error messages I was able to use the "TEST" option in the ACLog interface set up window.  When I clicked the test button, the ACLog software responded it was "POLLING" the radio.  But, nothing ever came back.  So after 60-90 seconds, I just pressed the end test button.
It just seems like the ACLog software doesn't recognize any connection to the TS-890.
Step 3 As a last resort, I stripped all USB device connections from the PC for one last round of troubleshooting.  The only things still connected to PC via USB cables were the keyboard, mouse, and HP Printer.   I also disconnected the USB cable to TS-890S used for the ARCP remote control software.  Still no luck.
Again, It just seems like the ACLog software doesn't recognize ANY connection to the TS-890.  Dammit, something simple just ain't right.
I was hoping to be able to use both the ARCP to control the radio on one COM port and use the other COM port with the ACLog software.  When it sounded like that wouldn't work I figured OK USB for the ARCP and USB Serial for the ACLog software. Or maybe just the ACLog software with the ARCP software turned off. But the way it looks now, I won't be able to use the ACLog software period.
I have no idea what to do next except try someone elses logging software.  The ACLog on PC is a free trial version for another 43 days.  Not sure if same free trial option there for the other programs.
I am just so frustrated at this point with now about four other hams saying, "Works for me", "No problems here", etc.
Any other ideas you might have, please let me know.
Thanks & 73's de Rich AF1K 

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