CWops CWT Log Setup with Flex

John Huffman

Here are a few notes on setting up CWops CWT Contest Log with the Flex 6000 Series radios.

This is only for sending CW through CWops CWT Contest Log.  For fills use a paddle connected to the radio.

'SmartSDR CAT' creates virtual ports for accessories.  One type you can create uses a Port Protocol of "Winkeyer" and assigns a port number.  This is a virtual Winkeyer and will be used in this setup.

In the CWops CWT Contest Log go to Settings, then Transmit, Then CW Setup.  For COM PORT choose the port created by SmartSDR CAT.  For Keying Options Choose Winkeyer.  Click on Configure Winkeyer to set other options.  SmartSDR CAT will not respond to some of the options, but the important ones work.  One issue I found was that I was running another piece of software that had been controlling the SmartSDR CAT Winkeyer.  Closing that software solved the problem.

The detail on using the Winkeyer keying for F keys is found in the Description panel of the CW Setup form.

Here's how I set mine up -

F1 - CQ for running
F2 - exchange with callsign of station called
F3 - thank you and callsign, ready for next caller

F4 - my call for S&P contacts
F5 - S&P exchange

The magic is in TAB-SENDS-Message.  Enable it with CTRL-SHIFT-G.  Here's how it works -
Hit F1 to call CQ.  When you get a caller, type the call into the log's CALL box.  Hit TAB.  The logger will send the other op's call and you exchange and, if there is pre-fill information it will automatically be entered.  Check that it is right when the other op sends it and then hit ENTER.  The contact will be logged and TU and your callsign will be sent.  So... after entering the other op's call it took you a total of 2 keystrokes to log the QSO and ask for another.

Of course, if you need to add the name and number or correct a name or number that will take more keystrokes, but still when you are done hitting ENTER longs the contact and sends your TU/Callsign.

Hope that helps someone,

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