Taking the QRP ARCI software to the modern age?

Jim Stafford W4QO


I know you have a lot going on and that the QRP ARCI contest module
was so little used that it was not translated to the modern prototype
of all your main programs but would you consider bringing up to date?

I used the "older" version to do the QRP CONTEST this past Friday
evening and I suspect many others did as well.  I think you'll see
a resurgence of activity as we move forward.

Here are the entries for this past Friday's event where we had over 60 entries.
I also know that this software is used by many (including myself) to log
other contests which use the same 3 types of fields:


I used N3FJP of course.  So far I'm in the "lead".  I only wish I had said that I used N3FJP software.

Take care.  I'll promote ARCI logging around the net.


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