Re: ACLog Software from N3FJP not interfacing with a Kenwood TS-890S

Mike Olbrisch

How are you sharing the ports?   If the port is in use with your Kenwood program, AC-Log will be denied access to the port.


Try turning off your Kenwood program and re-initializing AC-Log, see if you can’t get that to work.


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Sent: Tuesday, April 14, 2020 10:12 AM
Subject: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] ACLog Software from N3FJP not interfacing with a Kenwood TS-890S


I downloaded the ACLog Software from N3FJP for the free 45 day trial this morning.  But, I can not get it to connect & interface with a TS-890S using the Kenwood or Kenwood2 options in the ACLog select rig menu when on any of the COM3, 4, or 5 options that are listed there.  Also, when in the Settings/Rig Interface Setup 2.8 option, every time I try to change something an error msg "Object reference not set to am instance of an object." keeps appearing along with other error msg boxes saying something isn't connected, or is busy, etc..


I do have the Kenwood ARCP-890 remote control program working on same PC running W10.  The connection to the TS-890 is via USB-C COM5 with the virtual com driver from Silicon Labs CP210x USB to URAT bridge (COM 5) which the Kenwood manual instructed me to download and install for use with the ARCP-890 software. (ref )


So, I'm suspecting the ACLog may be trying to use other drivers which I am unable to redirect or change to the Silicon Labs virtual port drivers.


Prior buying the TS-890S in Feb, I had a KW TS-590S and it's remote control software running just fine on same Win10 PC.  That set up also used same USB cable to connect with the TS-590.  But, there were no special drivers involved.  They were just the defaults one on the PC I guess.


I've been reading up on the ACLog program and it sounds like it is at the top gun of logging programs out there. So, I'd love to start using it.  But, I most likely will not be registering/buying it if I can't get it to poll the TS-890 for information as that is the number one thing I am looking for in logging software.



If anyone has experienced this and achieved a fix or has recommendation on what the problem is, or might be, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could share it by posting it to the group.


Or if you'd prefer please look me up on QRZ and get in direct contact.


Thanks in advance & 73's de Rich AF1K.


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