Re: Looking a way to update some empty logbook fields

Larry Banks

Hi Jeff,
Have you tried  EDIT >> FILL FIELDS DETERMINED BY CALL?  It will fill empty fields from your QRZ feed or from wherever you have selected.

73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ


Sent: Tuesday, April 14, 2020 8:31
Subject: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] Looking a way to update some empty logbook fields
Hi all,

When I import from time to time contest logs or any other log, like log when I was portable, into my main log in N3FJP..... a lot of information is missing. Example, when portable, fields like QTH, State, or any other fields that usually are populated using an Internet connexion and a callbook query, are not there.

I would like from time to time, to process my whole or a part of my logbook thru a process that will update missing fields that are not mandatory of course.

Another example: I did the last WES contest last week. And I use N3FJP fists contest software to log my contacts..... then when I exported my log to my main logbook..... I really woule like to fill all empty fileds that would be relevant to have..... like any other QSO's I already have in the rest of my logbook.

When I was on Apple in the last several years.... I was using RUMlogNG. And There was a feature to allow the user to update some empty fields of existing logbook QSOs using a external callbook like

I'm looking to do the same with N3FJP.

At least, I there was a feature to import ADIF and «update» any EXISTING QSOs with imported data instead of merging all of them and create another new record, it would be a good start.

Thanks and 73.

Jeff | VA2SS

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